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Assist the County in promoting the adoption of shelter pets, the welfare of animals,
and the importance of the human-animal bond.  Assist the County in promoting positive and greater community awareness of Alachua County’s Animal Resources  and its mission, programs, and accomplishments.  Carry out the responsibilities of a community engagement body in order to work
with and support Animal Resources (ACAR).  Engage with and receive reports from Animal Resources (ACAR) as well as the various local not-for-profit Animal Welfare Organizations (AWOs) and relevant stakeholders.  Assist and advise the County on future animal-related policies and issues.  Prepare and update an Annual Work Plan and Report of Accomplishments.  The Committee shall not operate in a supervisory, regulatory, or authoritative capacity. The Committee does not have the authority to establish policies or make decisions for the Board.


Board Information

Name Position Term Start Term End Status Appointed By
Bower, Chelsea Local Not-for-Profit Animal Welfare Organization 09 Aug 2022 30 Sep 2025 Active BoCC
Hudak, Stacy Veterinarian (DVM) owner/employed by Alachua County private veterinary practice 09 Aug 2022 30 Sep 2024 Active BoCC
Jenkins, Melissa Local Not-for-Profit Animal Welfare Organization 09 Aug 2022 30 Sep 2026 Active BoCC
Koon, Perry Alachua County Law Enforcement Officer (rank of lieutenant or higher) 27 Jun 2023 30 Sep 2026 Active BoCC
Levy, Julie Veterinarian (DVM) employed by UF College of Veterinary Medicine 20 Feb 2024 30 Sep 2027 Active BoCC
Young, Kristen Citizen at Large 24 Oct 2023 30 Sep 2026 Active BoCC