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The Utility Advisory Board is hereby created as an advisory board to advise and make recommendations to the City Commission regarding all matters of utility governance of the city's electric, gas, telecommunications, water and wastewater utilities.

(7-members; 4-year terms) All voting members permanent residence shall be within the utility service area and receive utility service. A minimum of one voting member shall reside outside the Gainesville city limits. Applicants with any of the following types of experience are encouraged to apply for a voting member seat:
(1) experience as a utility demand customer;
(2) experience as a utility service provider
(3) investment banking, financial or certified public accounting experience;
(4) experience in energy and water conservation
(5) experience with business, contract or corporate law experience, or contract administration or;
(6) engineering experience
The City Commission may appoint voting members with any qualifications or experience the City Commission deems relevant or beneficial to service on the utility board. 

Non-Voting Members. The Alachua County Board of County Commissioners and the Alachua County School Board may each appoint one non-voting member to the utility board, subject to the approval of the city commission. Non-voting members shall have the same rights and privileges as voting members, except non-voting members shall not make motions or vote on motions under consideration. 
Created by Ordinance 140384 (November 19, 2015); amended by Ordinance 170808 (August 2, 2018)

The board meets on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 in the evening and the fourth Tuesday of the month for a workshop at 5:30 p.m.  They also have quarterly meetings with the City Commission and occasional other special meetings.

Please see here for more information: http://www.cityofgainesville.org/ClerkOfTheCommission/AdvisoryBoardsCommittees.aspx


Board Information

Name Position Term Start Term End Status Appointed By
Morse, Daniel Non-Voting Member 22 Feb 2022 02 Mar 2026 Active BoCC